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1st Edition  —  4 › 6 April 2024


Loving Europe › Connecting People

Historic Centre of Ferrara  —  Italy

European Projects Festival is the grand event that aims to bring people together from every European country, people who are interested in learning about, discussing and deepening the big choices and challenges of the future of the European Union.

The Festival is for people and organisations working towards a fairer, more inclusive and more engaged Europe; young people and non-profit associations who are committed to a future of freedom, equality, and sustainability; schools and students that share ideas, experiences, and projects to improve their knowledge and skills and be aware citizens; artists and cultural operators, cultural institutions and cultural and creative industries who strive to promote, protect, and enhance the beauty of the unique and diverse European culture.

And more: local authorities, universities and research centres that are implementing innovation and modernisation projects for cities, communities, and territories in order to create more ecological, digital and resilient environments.

The Festival aspires to be a great opportunity to inform and educate on the great themes of Europe, create a network, exchange ideas and projects, share experiences, and celebrate. The Festival will bring the European Union to Ferrara’s city centre, a UNESCO heritage site, for three days of conferences, meetings, workshops, and events.

EPF › 1st ED

FORUMConferences, seminars & workshops


FEST › Readings with authors


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EPF › 1st ED
4 › 6 APR 2024








› A rich programme of conferences, congresses, and seminars, training workshops and presentations of success stories, on the topics of the European Union, its policies, the funds available through the Multiannual Budget 2021-2027 and NextGenerationEU.

› An exhibition space where all public and private organisations, that are involved in European Projects or are interested in opening up to the European context, can introduce themselves, get to know each other, exchange ideas and proposals and create networking opportunities.

› A cultural programme based on readings with authors, film screenings, live performances. A great moment of celebration, reflection and debate, on Europe and its values.

› Gala dinner and tasting spaces at the Festival venues with the involvement of students from the Istituto Vergani Navarra in Ferrara.

EPF › 1st ED