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Logo design for European Projects Festival: Creative Union in the Ocean of European Projects.

A Manifesto.

The logo designed for the European Projects Festival draws inspiration from the extraordinary complexity and beauty of the microscopic elements that compose the sand of our beaches. Under the microscope, these elements reveal themselves as authentic works of art of nature, a symphony of geometric, mineral, organic and plant forms, enhanced by a kaleidoscopic variety of colours.

The three fundamental phases of thought and project design are symbolised through three distinct geometric elements: one rounded, one angular and one complex. These represent the creative evolution that develops in the designer's mind, from the first intuition to the elaboration phase and the complexity of the final idea. The harmony of these elements embodies the union of several complementary aspects that coexist in the vast ocean of European projects design, symbolised by the blue background of the official graphics. Blue like the sea, from which life comes and which sculpts the shapes of the sand.

To accentuate the vitality and energy of the event, the three geometric elements are bathed in three bright but not excessive colours, a tribute to the limitless games and creativity of childhood. This reminder of the spontaneity and innocence of youth underlines the importance of keeping creativity alive in the design process. The choice of the three colours for the logo's founding geometric elements was guided by deep meanings and symbolic intentions: 


AZURE WATER: DEPTH AND CONNECTION › Azure water was selected to evoke the vast and open image of oceans and seas in which life forms and elements coexist, symbolising the connection between people and ideas, brought together in the European Design Festival. This colour reflects the depth of collaboration and the vastness of the creative landscape, alongside the open and unexplored dimension of nature.




ANTIQUE PINK: CREATIVITY AND ART › Antique pink, with its delicate shade, was chosen to symbolise creativity and art, introducing a human and feminine dimension, as well as the Officine Europa association, founded by a group of women. This colour is intended to represent the artistic and innovative aspect of European projects, recalling the more intimate and personal side of the creative process. Antique pink helps create a visual balance, conveying a sense of tradition and history, which is essential in the context of Europe's cultural heritage.

OCHRE YELLOW: ENERGY AND OPTIMISM › Ochre yellow, as a warm and vibrant colour, was chosen to represent the positive energy and optimism associated with European design and collaboration. This colour reflects the vitality of the creative process, encouraging an optimistic approach to innovation and the sharing of ideas. Yellow ochre captures the dynamic essence of the festival, helping to convey a sense of enthusiasm and positivity in tackling challenges and building lasting connections.

The logo design is also inspired by the rich history of 20th century European art, incorporating elements of Fortunato Depero's futurism, Kandinsky's abstract lines, Joan Mirò's surreal forms and Henry Matisse's vivid colours.

The construction of the logo follows Kandinsky's principles of the spiritual use of forms and embraces the essence of the 'less is more' philosophy of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the renowned architect and designer.

The synergy that emerges within projects developed in the context of the European Union is a key element emphasised in the logo designed by ESMA Creative Studio for the European Projects Festival. This symbol not only reflects cultural diversity and a variety of perspectives, but also celebrates the powerful convergence of creative minds from different backgrounds. At the heart of the festival, disparate cultures and individuals come together, creating a unique environment where collaboration is celebrated as a driving force for innovation. The logo embodies the ability to unite people from different horizons, symbolising the power of unity in facing challenges and embracing opportunities through design and creativity. In this way, the logo becomes a visual representation of the extraordinary collective strength that characterises the European Union and its commitment to promoting collaboration and diversity.

In summary, the logo for the European Projects Festival is a harmonious fusion of nature, children's creativity and European art history, a tangible symbol of the innovation and collaboration that characterises European design.

Eugenio Squarcia

ESMA Creative Studio

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